It seems like you should be enjoying life....

Someone looking at your life would think that you have it all together. That you have so much to be happy about.  So much to be grateful for.  

But that's not how you feel.

You push your emotions down to get through the day.  Putting on a good face.  Telling yourself that you shouldn't be feeling this way. Sometimes anxiety seems to come from out of nowhere. You're at odds with your body, your mind, and your emotions. And you still feel the stress of events from your past.  Why can't you just get over it?  

Some life experiences have long lasting effects, showing up in your adult life when you least expect. Whether you're still feeling the effects of events from your childhood or facing major changes that you weren't expecting, I'm here to help you acknowledge your experiences and feelings-no matter what they are.  I enjoy helping adults who have been impacted by traumatic experiences find positive, healthy ways of coping with the challenges and stresses that life brings. 

With more self acceptance and understanding.

More freedom and confidence in your decisions.  

And more connection to the people most important to you.

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I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist helping adults cope with anxiety, trauma, and PTSD.  My office is located in Glendale, CA.  

Questions about my practice and what it's like to work with me are always welcome.  Call now for a free 15 minute phone consultation at (626) 808-5463.

 I'm looking forward to talking to you about how I can help-  Holly