When you've been a through horrible experience, it may be difficult to simply “let it go” or to make sense of what's happened to you.

There are times when the connection between a specific event and how you're feeling is clear. But it may be hard to understand why you become anxious or insecure in certain situations, why certain people seem to set you on edge, or why your body is suddenly in distress.

You may find yourself expecting something bad to happen. 

Questioning your own thoughts and feelings.

Feeling closed off, distant from the people most important to you.

Maybe you tell yourself that it's time to move on. But because of the way memories of trauma are stored, events from the past can continue to impact your life and your relationships, long after the event is over.  

Overcoming Trauma

I provide therapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for women living with depression, anxiety, and a history of trauma, and I work extensively with women whose childhoods were complicated by abuse, neglect or life changing negative experiences. Issues I can help with include:

When working with your trauma, I'll use different therapy approaches to respond to your unique experiences, preferences and needs.  This includes traditional talk therapies including psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as EMDR (a therapy developed specifically to treat trauma/PTSD).  

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If you're concerned about how the past is impacting you now, help is available.  To learn more about how I can help, please give me a call at (626) 808-5463 or email me at hollyaevansmft@gmail.com. 

I look forward to talking to you- Holly

Pasadena Trauma Therapy and EMDR Therapy for anxiety, PTSD and women abused as children.