Living with anxiety or depression is exhausting.  And if you're still feeling the stress of events from the past, taking on the current challenges in your daily life can seem overwhelming.  The ways that the past intrudes can be confusing, draining your energy, hope, and enthusiasm for life.  I specialize in helping adults overcome the effects of unresolved trauma. As a therapist, my goal is to help you make sense of your experiences and feelings, enhance the strengths that have helped you through, and build new and healthy coping skills that will lead to positive changes in your life and relationships.  

It's important to know that healing is possible.  Therapy can help you leave the pain of the past behind so that you can follow your aspirations in all areas of your life.



For adults with a history of trauma, including childhoods complicated by abuse and neglect. I commonly work with adults who have endured sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect. Growing up in a household with mental illness, alcoholism, or a lack of appropriate adult support and care are common life experiences for many of the people I work with. In addition to PTSD, trauma can commonly lead to problems with depression and anxiety. 


Overcoming Anxiety

 Anxiety is the most common mental health issue for adults, and the most common reason for seeking therapy in my private practice.  I offer treatment for anxiety including generalized anxiety (free floating), panic disorder, and social anxiety, as well as general stress management. 

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For New Moms

During pregnancy and postpartum, woman face so many changes. Adjusting to life with a new baby can cause unexpected challenges, and problems with mood and anxiety. I offer therapy to support new moms in finding more ease and enjoyment during this important stage of life