I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified EMDR Therapist specializing in women’s mental health, trauma recovery, and pregnancy/postpartum adjustment. I’m LGBTQ affirming.

I provide psychotherapy, counseling and EMDR to help women overcome their obstacles, past and present.

Therapy is time for reflection, curiosity, and self discovery. My goal is to help you develop a better understanding of yourself, and to support you in making meaningful changes that will create more ease, enjoyment, and sense of well-being in your life and relationships.

Holly A. Evans, mft -south pasadena Therapist

Holly A. Evans, mft -south pasadena Therapist




Trauma Therapy

For women with a history of trauma, including childhoods complicated by abuse and neglect; sexual/physical assault/rape; as well as traumatic experiences during pregnancy and postpartum. I provide trauma informed therapy and EMDR to help women heal and move beyond the effects of trauma and negative life experiences. Growing up in a household with mental illness, alcoholism, or a lack of appropriate adult care are common life experiences for many of the women I work with.


Overcoming Anxiety


Anxiety is the most common mental health issue for women.  I offer treatment for anxiety including generalized anxiety (free floating), panic disorder, OCD, and social anxiety, as well as general stress management. 

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For New Moms

Postpartum Adjustment

During pregnancy and postpartum, women face so many changes. Adjusting to life with a new baby can cause unexpected challenges, and problems with depression and anxiety, crisis/trauma(PTSD). I offer therapy to support new moms in finding more ease and enjoyment during this important stage of life



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